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Metal Roofing Contractors

Metal roofing is low maintenance and a durable option for any type of weather.

It comes in a great variety of materials from rust-resistant aluminum to heavy corrugated steel.

The benefits of metal roofing make it one of the most popular options for homes in Florida.

Considering durability, longevity, and reflectivity, is metal roofing worth the associated costs?

Benefits of Metal Roofs

One of the best roofing options for cooling your home is metal.

During the day its reflective surface significantly reduces the heat your home absorbs.

Metal also has rapid heat exchange unlike concrete to cool faster at night.

Metal is one of the most durable options available in the market.

This is key in a hurricane-prone state such as Florida.

Standing seam metal roofing is the most popular residential options.

Corrugated steel is excellent for businesses and commercial buildings.

Additional perks of metal roofing are ease of maintenance and a lifespan of over 50 years.

Immunity to fire and insect damage can also reduce the cost of home insurance. A metal roof is perfect for those seeking long-lasting peace of mind.

Costs of Metal Roofs

Metal is a similar and less expensive roofing material as compared to tile.

Even so, it is still a significantly more expensive option than asphalt roofing.

A homeowner in Florida can expect to spend $5,000 to $12,000 for a new metal roof on average.

The increased investment for metal roofing pays off quickly in cooling, insurance, and maintenance costs.

Commercial and residential buildings alike can benefit from its numerous material options.

Metal is an amazing option for roofing.

The additional expense of this roofing material is easily recouped and provides decades of protection.

Metal roofing should be a serious consideration for your home.

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